Album “Are We An Electric Generation Falling Apart?”


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Music is more than just sound. Music is visual and even ideological. It can be fashion and it is capable of building cultural and social bridges. The power of art drives Matija to be more than just sound. Matija are aesthetes, gentlemen, free thinkers, punks, androgynous dandies and nerds.

01. 5th Avenue, 03:15
02. Modern Girl, 03:08
03. White Socks, 03:19
04. Kathie, 03:28
05. Mexico, 03:33
06. Songs for Celine, 04:18
07. Memos, 02:48
08. Neon Ghetto, 03:07
09. Hello My Creator, 03:41
10. Justify Your Love, 04:03

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Label: Clouds Hill

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